How to keep your business LEGAL and SAFE whilst recouping the cost…

Do you manage a business that involves employees or subcontractors driving as part of their job, whether in their own or a company car? Whether it’s sales people travelling the country, through to the receptionist who drops off the post on their way home, you need to ensure you’re doing the right thing..

  • Want to avoid prosecution under Corporate Manslaughter or Health and Safety Legislation, which can include unlimited fines or even a jail sentence?
  • Want to reduce your fuel costs?
  • Want to reduce your vehicle repair and servicing bills?
  • Want to reduce your insurance premiums?
  • Want to enable your drivers to be safer and more efficient on the road?
  • Want to be more ecologically sound as a business?
  • Would your company benefit from an improved public image?
Answer ‘yes’ to any of the above?
Keep your business legal and safe
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