Free consultation

It is very important to take the time to understand your individual business transport needs, as not understanding your legal duties under the Law is not a defence should the worst happen. This is why we offer a free, one hour consultation during which time we can discover more about your business and your specific requirements. It gives you the opportunity to understand in more detail how our services could benefit your business and gives you the chance to have all of your questions answered.

At the end of the consultation, if you decide you would like us to work together, a proposed plan of support will be drawn up together with an estimate of the level of work involved.  Our role is to keep you legal and safe, with an efficient driver workforce, all backed up by our risk free guarantee.

Our promise

Your driver training events will always be professionally organised, challenging and commercially relevant. Delegates will be stretched and made to reflect on their skills & performance, but always in a positive and supportive environment matched to their needs. We will also be very happy to listen to any feedback given to us after experiencing what we do, as we always seek to improve our driver training services.

Our aim

Our aim is to enable businesses to become compliant with current legislation regarding driving at work activities, whilst becoming more profitable and helping the UK economy.  We want to help reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities on our UK roads through education in practice, as well as promoting the benefits of eco driving to the environment and corporate image.