Why JSF Driver Training?

At JSF Driver Training, we understand that it can be difficult to keep on top of the safety demands on your business, keeping yourself and your employees on the right side of the law.

Did you know that Corporate Manslaughter and Health & Safety at Work Legislation dictates that ALL companies should carry out a risk assessment of all work-related driving activities, and if you have 5 or more employees you are required to have a written assessment.

To show due diligence in a court of law, these assessments need to be carried out by a qualified Driving Instructor, with Fleet Driver Training qualifications.

Your company management is at risk of prosecution in the event of a fatal road collision involving one of your workers, employed or sub-contracted.

“Legislation can be a minefield. You may only find out that your procedures are lacking once a prosecution lands on your desk, or worse, a fatality occurs! You the employer have a duty of care to protect not only your employees but also the general public.

With over 25 years experience in the transport industry, JSF provides quality workforce driver training for business owners and managers, so that your business can show that you have responsibly assessed your employees and subcontractors in the event of an accident.

We will ensure that you fulfil your obligations under Corporate Manslaughter and Health & Safety legislation, protecting your company in the event of a prosecution, whilst reducing your employee’s risk of being involved in a road collision.

With increasing fuel and vehicle costs, JSF can even help you analyse how your drivers perform, using that information to improve profits and benefit from improved PR.”
Sharn Franghiadi, Director and Team Base Manager.

Your business will receive affordable driver training, where we GUARANTEE that you will easily offset the investment through:

  • increased fuel efficiency
  • reduced insurance costs
  • reduced repair costs
  • reduced vehicle maintenance costs
  • higher residual value of vehicles
  • fewer accidents resulting in less down time of vehicles and employees.

Other benefits of our service include:

  • a more efficient and motivated workforce, with increased morale and efficiency
  • positive publicity and image improvement from the adoption of eco driving techniques
  • the reassurance that you are legally compliant.
  • if an accident involving a member of staff who was using the road for work purposes resulted in damage or injury to a third party, they could sue the employer for contributory negligence. There is no shortage of legal firms who are prepared to take on these cases, often on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

“Some employers believe, incorrectly, that provided they comply with certain road traffic law requirements… and that the driver holds a valid licence, this is enough to ensure the safety of their employees, and others, when they are on the road. However, health and safety law applies to on-the-road work activities as to all work activities, and the risks should be effectively managed within a health and safety management system.”
HSE Driving at Work